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How the ChemDirect Marketplace is Disrupting Chemical Distribution

A 45 minute webinar recorded live September 23rd, 2021 as part of the Marketplace Best Practices event series.


McFadyen Digital
Ecommerce + Marketplaces
USA | Brazil | India

The $258 Billion chemical distribution market is being disrupted in the best way possible. The typical process for buying chemicals in the United States is difficult and filled with uncertainty. The variability of pricing, availability, and murky delivery times often makes for a laborious and stressful ordering process. Enter ChemDirect, a VC-backed marketplace offering over 300,000 chemical SKUs from dozens of top manufacturers available to order with no middleman and no drama. The ChemDirect marketplace, now in its newly released second iteration, enables chemical buyers to quickly locate, verify, and order the chemicals they need with lower costs than the competition and transparent delivery times. This direct-connection model of chemical ecosystem is something this industry has never seen, and demonstrates the power of the marketplace model of ecommerce.

Join ChemDirect CEO Tyler Ellison and Product Manager Grant Lacy, Marketplace guru/author Tom McFadyen, and a special guest from Adobe to learn how this top-flight user experience built on the Adobe Commerce platform is revolutionizing how chemicals are purchased in North America. Features technology from Adobe, WebKul, Algolia, Contentful, Cloudinary, and Vue Storefront.

In this session, you will learn:

  1. How ChemDirect identified and addressed a market need
  2. Why obsessing about both the buyer and seller experience makes for a winning marketplace
  3. Lessons learned from iterating a successful marketplace experience into its next iteration
  4. How Adobe Commerce and a MACHified tech stack created ultimate flexibility and a powerful user experience
  5. Advice for those seeking to disrupt with the marketplace model