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Conflict Free D2C: Direct Selling Without Channel Conflict

On-Demand Webinar w/ Q&A (55 min)

Manufacturers and brands who sell through third parties (distributors or marketplaces) are often missing a key part of the customer picture, yet selling direct to the consumer would cause immense channel strife.  Learn how the online marketplace model can enable the channel while providing you with a a full view of the customer.

Manufacturers have long held onto the dream of developing a comprehensive view of the end-customer while gaining additional vision into their distribution chain. However, the realities of maintaining harmony with that channel often overrides the desire for more control of the data and user experience. Enter the online marketplace model where manufacturers can list their entire catalog online, take orders directly, then hand those order off to the channel for fulfillment. With the channel partners onboarded as sellers, they get the benefit of servicing the customer, the opportunity to add their own product and service offerings, and the manufacturer owns the user experience and resultant data. It’s a win-win-win scenario.

Join Michael von Bodungen, VTEX's Chief Customer Officer, and author and CEO or McFadyen Digital, Tom McFadyen, to learn how the marketplace model can bring harmony to your channel while bringing the data that comes from owning the user experience to you.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  1. How the marketplace model turns potential channel conflict in channel growth
  2. What makes for a successful D2C marketplace strategy
  3. When to involve the channel in the process to get them on-board
  4. Who to work with to make this platform model a business reality

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