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Future of the Retail Experience

Future of the Retail Experience

A panel discussion at the MIT Platform Strategy Summit 2022 (49 min)

Recorded at MIT Media Labs July 14th, 2022 in Cambridge, MA, join our panel of experts as they discuss the latest trends and industry shifts with an eye on how that will shape the future of the retail experience. This lively discussion covers how the platform commerce model will be used, the importance of first party data, and how Web 3.0 will impact the retail world.

Retail has been impacted by technology shifts, a global pandemic, supply chain issues, and yet it’s an industry that continues to innovate, always seeking to understand what drives a meaningful - and profitable - connection with their customers. Through this time of rapid, sometimes forced, innovation, platform commerce models like marketplaces and drop shipping have been preferred by consumers for their added breadth selection and depth of stock. Retailers operating marketplaces in challenging times with unpredictable demands were better able to adapt to shifting demands. Consumers have now become addicted to the convenience offered by these multi-sided platform commerce businesses.

Now that the possibilities of the platform effect has been demonstrated in the digital commerce space, retailers need to decide where next to place their bets. How can platforms be further leveraged to engage with customers and sellers in more meaningful ways? What technologies can help bridge the physical and digital retail experience? How do physical experienced and special events impact brand loyalty and value? And what do we make of all this Web 3.0 talk? NFTs, Crypto, and a Metaverse or infinite possibilities…or not.

So join our experts as they share their deep expertise and latest insights on the future of retail.


Mert Damlapinar – Director, eRetail Strategic Insights & Tech Products, L’Oreal USA

Tom McFadyen – CEO & Author, McFadyen Digital

Jonathan Yaffe – Cofounder and CEO, AnyRoad



Peter C. Evans – Managing Partner, Platform Strategy Institute (Summit Co-chair) – Moderator


The MIT Platform Strategy Summit gathers a global community of executives and academics to explore the economics and management of platform-centered markets and discuss their implications for managers, industry and governmental policy. This event is open to IDE Members at no cost, to the public for a fee. The event co-chairs are Peter EvansGeoffrey Parker and Marshall Van Alstyne

2022 marks the 10 year anniversary of the MIT Platform Strategy Summit and Mcfadyen Digital is proud to be a sponsor of this annual workshop on platform-centered economics and management.

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