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How to Create a Winning Marketplace Performance Management Strategy

How to Create a Winning Marketplace Performance Management Strategy

On-Demand Webinar w/ Q&A (54 min)

Join Tyler Ellison from ChemDirect, Mark Brohan from DC 360, and Lee Riesterer from McFadyen Digital to discuss how marketplace performance management helps to drive real growth and scale. ChemDirect, now on version 2.0 of their chemical marketplace, has successfully disrupted an established industry, partially thanks to carefully considered KPIs and a strategy to derive actionable insights from their data.

While the marketplace model will be a cornerstone of the platform economy, success is far from guaranteed. Successful marketplaces, especially those who reach true scale, do so by having a comprehensive performance management strategy. Knowing which metrics are key to success and which levers to pull in order to grow those metrics is the real secret to success. Many of the traditional Ecommerce metrics do matter to a marketplace operator, but the seller community adds an entirely different dimension that requires quantification and continual adjustment.

So join marketplace gurus from Digital Commerce 360, McFadyen Digital, and ChemDirect to discuss how to create a marketplace performance management strategy that measures the right KPIs, performs regular analysis, and makes meaningful adjustments that enable growth and scale via an easy-to-understand set of dashboards and reports.

In this session, you will learn:

  1. How to select the right key metrics to measure for your marketplace use case
  2. How to quantify those metrics using dashboards and reports
  3. How to gain meaningful, actionable insights from that data
  4. How to operationalize the performance management process to drive scale and profitability

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