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Organizational Design for the Platform Revolution - Staffing a Marketplace Webinar

Organizational Design for the Platform Revolution: Staffing a Marketplace

On-Demand Webinar w/ Q&A (52 min)

Join Peter Evans of the Platform Strategy Institute, Shaun Budnik of Throughline, and Tom McFadyen, author of Marketplace Best Practices, for a discussion on how the platform business model is impacting organizational design considerations.

The popularity of the online marketplace model has seen more and more enterprises platforming their business. One of the foremost challenges of these new marketplace businesses has been accurately forecasting initial staffing and planning for longer-term organizational design needs. With a marketplace business differing significantly from traditional ecommerce, particularly with the added ecosystem of third-party sellers, this is often new and uncharted territory.

Join our panel of experts as they discuss the best way to approach these organizational design considerations.

In this session we will discuss:

  • How the platform model is impacting organizational design
  • Primary staffing differences from traditional ecommerce to online marketplace
  • Launching a new platform business vs. expanding an existing digital operation
  • Which roles to prioritize hiring first
  • Which responsibilities are best hired internally and externally

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